Man Church of God Family Worship Center
"A Going Church For a Coming Christ"
Pastor: Reverend Richard E. Gibson
Asso. Pastor: Reverend Bobby Maxwell
P.O. Box 235
Man, WV 25635
Phone: 304-583-2146

Man Church of God Announcements and Prayer List- June 20 , 2010

Important Dates to Remember:

Prayer- the Heartbeat of the church. Church wide Prayer Initiative Wednesday morning prayer time 8:30 am- Entire Church of God family joining in prayer every Wednesday this year. Pray before school with your children and with your spouse before leaving for work. Leadership of our church and our country, Unity in the community event, lost loved ones, and celebrate recovery.

Please continue to pray each day for Celebrate Recovery- Meeting every Monday- Freedom from habits, hurts, and hang-ups. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

PFC Pioneers for Christ Boys Club (All Ages) will meet every Wednesday at 7-8:30 PM. Bro. Chris Chapman will be the counselor.

The Prayer Room is available and ready for your use!

Women's Conference Aug. 13th and 15th with Jan Aldridge. More detailsl soon!

Thank you to the Women's Ministries and all those who helped in raising money to send Pastor and Sis. Gibson to camp meeting. We were very blessed!

Blue Belles Girls Club (grades K-3) meets every Wednesday at 7PM.

"ONE WAY" Youth service meets each Tuesday at 7PM. All Ages welcome! For more info see Bro. Brad or Bro. Cody.

Joy Belles Girls Club (grades 4-6) meets each Wednesday at 7PM. Grades 4-6. Don't miss out on all the fun!!

Youth Board meeting Tues. June 22 at 7PM.

Our Sanctuary has recently been painted and the carpet and pews cleaned. PLEASE! Adults, teens and children- NO food or drink in the sanctuary, foyer or Welcome Center. PLEASE do not allow small children to have chewing gum. Please don't put candy wrappers and other garbage in the pews.

Women's Ministries meeting Tues. June 29 at 6PM. Sis Betty Smith is our hostess. Please bring your favorite homemade candy/fudge to share.

If you would like to volunteer to help with VBS please see Sis. Gibson. Thank You!

July 12-17 Vacation Bible School!!! "Egypt- Joseph's Journey from the prison to the palace"

Sis. Linda Ball has agreed to take care of posting messages on our sign out front. If you have anything you would like put on the sign, please see Sis. Linda. Please don't change the sign without checking with Sis. Linda. Thanks you!

July 27 Women's Ministries pool party!!

September 18 Women's Conference at Madison Church of God

THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ALL FOOD AND DRINK IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL! Please, No chewing gum in the church, foyer or fellowship hall.

Thank you for being considerate of others and keeping all smoking confined to your automobile.


  • Sandra Eplin
  • Jason Dickerson-salvation
  • Wendy Stacy-healing
  • Donald Browning-salvation
  • J.R. Jeffery-salvation
  • Lee Browning-salvation
  • Jim Briles-salvation
  • Migi Lewis
  • Chelsie Gibson-healing
  • Amelia Wicker-healing
  • Paul Smith II-salvation
  • George Smith-salvation
  • Frankie New-salvation
  • Dorothy Lewis-healing
  • Bill Laws-salvation/healing
  • Adam-healing
  • Melanie Lusk-salvation/healing
  • Susan Legg-salvation/healing
  • Bobbi Maxwell-healing
  • Joseph Maynard-healing
  • Jeff Maynard
  • Patty Maynard
  • John L. Marcum-salvation
  • James Browning-salvation
  • Scotty Browning-salvation
  • Kim Browning-salvation
  • Ladeane Maynor-salvation
  • Jerry Dunn-salvation
  • Greg Ball-salvation
  • J.W. Hill-salvation
  • Shawn Parys-healing
  • Zee Browning-healing
  • Lisa Conn-deliverance/salvation
  • Roger Davis-deliverance/salvation
  • James Grimmett-salvation
  • Jane Grimmett-salvation
  • Carolyn Grimmett-salvation
  • Dickie Stephens-salvation
  • Michael Stephens-salvation
  • Donna Browning-salvation
  • Billy Collins-salvation
  • Amanda Curley-salvation
  • James Curley-salvation
  • Jessica Bailey-salvation
  • Mark-healing
  • John Collins-salvation
  • Jay Miller-salvation
  • Norman Noel-salvation
  • Danita Noel-salvation
  • Sean Noel-salvation
  • Shane Noel-salvation
  • Jerry Shelton-healing
  • Angie Adkins-salvation
  • Rex Browning
  • Liz Browning
  • JT Hinchman
  • Tammy
  • Ronnie Hoosier-salvation
  • Tom Copley-salvation
  • Anna Belle Taylor- healing
  • Jean Conley- healing
  • Mary Beth Browning-healing

Please come and worship and fellowship with us. God Bless!